About Pamela Clay

I would like to share my compelling story that brought me to where I am today. My company has always been hard at work by performing medical billing and consulting services.  We obtain maximum dollars for your surgical services you perform in the operating room.

I have been in the medical field with passion for many years. My education is in Accounting and Office Manager Management with emphasis on Medical Billing and Coding.   Alpha EMED Billing Solutions, LLC has constantly increased money for the medical office practices I worked with throughout the years.  After obtaining the skills and knowledge I decided to create my own company.  I chose to be an entrepreneur because I wanted the flexibility and time to be a loving mom.  I wanted to be active in my children livesI did not want to ask a “BOSS” if I could go to my children’s program events at their schools.   Now that several years have passed my company continues to promote financial growth for surgical personnel in the operating room.

I am a very GOD loving, creative and determined person.  I believe that GOD will give you the desires of your heart.  If you ask then you shall receive.

Standing on GOD’s promises, Alpha EMED Billing Solutions, LLC was born.  I am an excited consultant and money maker for my clients I do what I love best what I call the “Nancy Drew Effect” Seek and you will recover money for your clients.

I can’t wait to be part of your team to help you to succeed.  Please contact me so that we can work together and watch your company grow and become prosperous.